just finished it today, check it out and tell me what you think! MAN video takes longer to edit!!!


Just returned from Arizona/NM. The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon were absolutely stunning. I wish I could say the same about the journey to and back... absolute nightmare involving a buggered up transmission, rental car, Calsbad NM, U-Haul van, car towing... and the bleeding weather trying to kill us. Brilliant. Another beer sounds just about right.

Photos to be posted later this week.

Work 12/02/2008

Anyone need photos done? I'll be free for some work.

Text 11/11/2008

One thing I really don't like is carrying a text message conversation with someone. Just freaking call me and get it over with.

too young... 10/26/2008

Why are people getting married so early?!?! I'm 23, a senior in Uni and a giant portion of my friends are either engaged or married. Then, the girls all have their names changed and I can never find them when I try to search them.

This whole marriage thing really weirds me out.

Asia 07/10/2008

Got back from Japan last weekend, finished the photos a few hours before I left for China soon after that, but I never did have time putting them up... but they're up!
I was very impressed with Japan, people were very polite, everything was kept neat and tidy, nothing was ever out of place.

I'm hoping to backpack out there later on, I really want to go back on my own schedule!

However, now, I'm exited for my trip up to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanking next week!


Hey guys, for all those riders and their parents who want to get their photos...
I'm trying to push myself to get everything ready ASAP! There are over 4000 photographs that I am sifting through and I will also have to colour correct them too.

If you have any questions feel free to call me (469)951-3941 or email me

thanks guys!!


It's amazing how our bodies work. Studying these upper bio classes really opened my eyes to learn more about this shell we use to interact with the world.
What's even cooler is how we can make things... be it an image or a sculpture... that can stimulate our senses. How does this really relate together? How in the world does art give us that tingly feeling of satisfaction?

Capitalism? 01/28/2008

I'm thinking about starting to sell some photos. If you're interested in any photos, please feel free to contact me, I'll print, mat, frame, sign and ship for a reasonable price.

Keep it real,

Closing Time 01/15/2008

Well, classes had started. My first day started with me getting out of bed at 7:30am. Today, classes lasted from 8am straight till 5pm.

I had a talk with my boss Matt today, and as much as I had hated to do this, I guess we reached an agreement, that with my course load and the MCATs being in April this semester, it would do more harm than good for me to work at Baylor Photography... I had to quit. I hated having to quit this job, it was my one photography gig that I would get to work with when the day was filled with Chemistry notes and Bio tests... and I got paid for it. Most of all, I got to learn a lot working with the big dogs in the field.

Hopefully I will do OK this semester and get over hard things. Though I will be busy, if anyone needs photos and I am free to help you out, please feel free to email me, we can probably work something out!

It's 3:26am now. Time to end the day.